Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy:
Neck & Shoulder Pain, Low Back Pain & Sciatica , Hip Pain, Knee Pain, Foot & Ankle Pain

Cervicogenic Pain:

Sports injuries

Pregnancy Related Pelvic disorders

Orthopedic Assessment:
Pre & Post Hip and Knee Replacements, ACL Reconstruction, Spinal Decompression / Fusion Surgeries

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Other Services Include

Deep Dry Needling

Orthotic Prescription

Sports Massage

Ergonomic Assessment

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Pilates Classes

Beginners Level

Intermediate Level

Power Pilates
(Total body Conditioning & Weights)

Back Specific Rehab
(Post Spinal Surgery/ Chronic Pain)

1:1 Pilates Introductory Level

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About El Physio Clinic & Studio

Elaine Carey Chartered Physiotherapist has been helping people for over 10 years get back moving well and feeling well. Her excellent standard of care has resulted in her establishing a reputation locally as a “must see” physiotherapist.

Since qualifying from UCD in 2006, Elaine has gained a wealth of expertise working in several Clinics and predominantly AIL Rugby Teams in both Ireland and Australia including:

  • University Of Limerick Bohemians RFC
  • Young Munster RFC
  • University Of Limerick Arena Sports Pilates/ Club Physio
  • University College Cork RFC

El-Physio Clinic also offers several Pilates Classes in our on site Pilates Studio. Elaine’s physiotherapy background with her STOTTS Pilates qualification allows her to teach and devise personal rehab exercise programs that offer the patient a complete personalised recovery package.

At El-Physio Clinic, you are in good hands with one on one care in a comfortable and relaxed environment, a thorough assessment of your problem, an understandable explanation giving you the full picture of your issue, and an approach that takes into account your preference for relieving pain and stiffness. We devise a plan with you to get you back moving well and feeling well.

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8 Eastway Business Park
Ballysimon Road, Co. Limerick

Located 200m pass the NCT Centre on your left. The Clinic is inside The Urban Co-op.